Download Pinfall Interactive Episode 2

Pinfall Interactive is back much soon than we expected (blame the producer). In this episode of the professional wrestling podcast where YOU get over Shaf rounds up the biggest headlines as well as discussing your comments about British Boot Camp 2, CM Punk to the UFC and more!

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We will back in early 2015!


Download Pinfall Interactive Episode 1.5 – “Can Someone get The Creative Team on the Phone?”

It’s time to shake things up on Pinfall Interactive! Episode 2 is postponed as work is going on behind the scenes on changes that will take effect from episode 2.

Download Pinfall Interactive Episode 1.5 – “Can Someone get The Creative Team on the Phone?” for this important announcement.

Thank you for your continued support of Pinfall Interactive. Stay tuned for all the latest on how you can be a part of the next episode and the changes taking place.


Pinfall Interactive Episode 1 – “The Mid-Card Mafia”

Download Pinfall Interactive Episode 1 – “The Mid-Card Mafia” now!

On this special edition of Pinfall Interactive there is discussion about what is next for WWE Champion CM Punk, thoughts on Survivor Series, the end game for Aces and Eights, Heel Randy Orton and Bully Ray, the debut of the fan zone, the calendar and much more!

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Pinfall Interactive Episode 1 LIVE Call-in 10AM GMT Saturday November 24th!

As mentioned at the end of episode 0, on Saturday November 24th at 10AM GMT the LIVE call-in segment will be recorded for Pinfall Interactive Episode 1! Just call “pinfallinteractive” on Skype!

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Speak to you soon.


Pinfall Interactive Episode 0 – “I Don’t Like It”

Download Pinfall Interactive Episode 0 – “I Don’t  Like It” now!

This episode features a review of Bound for Glory and discussion on Ryback replacing John Cena, how Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar could be built, CM Punk vs Stone Cold having a best of three series, the three hour RAW format and much, much more!

The next call-in will take place on Saturday November 24th from 10AM GMT.

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All callers up until the December 2012 episode will be entered into a prize draw with two winners receiving a Bobby Roode IT FACTOR Shirt and ROH logo shirt respectively.

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Pinfall Interactive Episode 0 LIVE Call-in 10AM BST Saturday October 20th!

Pinfall Interactive Episode 0 is almost here! It will be the beta episode if you will. On Saturday October 20th at 10AM BST the LIVE call-in segment will be recorded.

The call-in will have a topic of TNA Bound For Glory as it’s broadcast earlier in the week on Wednesday here in the UK however all comments are welcome.

At present the call-in will be via skype only, just add pinfallinteractive to your skype contacts.

Depending on how this goes once episode 0 is available for download I’ll hopefully move to a monthly episode format with a streaming version of the phone in with a proper phone number.

So please spread the word and call in from 10AM BST on Saturday October 20th.

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Pinfall Interactive Launch Update

Summer is coming to an end but the Pinfall Interactive Podcast is set to launch later this year.

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